Holiday Specials


Holiday Offerings 2022

Taking orders through Saturday, November 19th
Please call all orders in to 603-436-6518


Apple Pie — A beautiful, fat, old-fashioned, two-crusted pie. $26

Blueberry Pie — Millions of tiny sweet Maine blueberries, with a bit of lemon, cinnamon and sugar, make this the perfect pie. $26

Pecan Pie — A beauty that is sweet and filled with pecan halves. $24

Pumpkin Pie — A rich, smooth, traditional custard pie. $24


Cranberry-Apple Tart — A sweet and buttery pastry filled with cranberries, apples, and spices. This is topped with a brown sugar and butter streusel. The tart feeds 10–16 people. $26

Pumpkin Tart — This is a butter pastry shell filled with a wonderfully rich, spiced pumpkin filling with a hint of brandy. This is all topped with a walnut crumb streusel. $26

Lemon Tart — Butter crust with a layer of tangy lemon. $24

Sweet Breads

Pumpkin Sweet Bread — Moist and delicious, but not too sweet, this one has walnuts and pumpkin pie spices. $8

Apple Cider Sweet Bread — Made with fresh cider and chopped apples. $8

Blueberry Sourcream Sweet Bread —Maine blueberries surrounded by moist sweet bread. $8

Everything Else

The Bakery also provides a number of special items, available for take-out, like salad dressing, salads, croutons, biscuits, and lots more.