About Ceres Bakery

Ceres Bakery has been baking for Portsmouth since 1980. The atmosphere is welcoming, the service is speedy and friendly, and the eclectic staff keeps it a cheerful and informal place to eat. The food is always made from scratch right here. The delicious lunches are generous, reasonably-priced, and change daily. We also have the largest variety of home-made baked goods in the area.

In the beginning, the Ceres Bakery was actually located on Ceres Street in Portsmouth, across from the famous tugboats. We moved to our current location on Penhallow Street in 1983.

Ceres Bakery celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2010

Ceres as the goddess of agricultureThe ancient Romans worshipped Ceres as the goddess of agriculture – one of the forms of the universal Earth Mother. In the period before 200 B.C., her priestesses actually ruled Rome, and founded the Roman legal system. Farmers were careful to observe her rites to ensure good crops. Ceres’ annual festival (the “Ceralia”) was celebrated in the British Isles as recently as the 1890’s. One account said, “In the middle of June, farmers go round their corn with burning torches, in memory of the Ceralia.”