Cookies and Bars

We make over 1,000,000 kinds of cookies and bars (almost).

Call us to see what’s available today. Here are some of our options:

Peanut butter brownies
Mint chocolate brownies
Raspberry crumblies
Lemon bars
Wonder bars
Chocolate peanut bars
Caramel bars
Pecan turtle bars
Pumpkin bars
Pecan squares

Penhallow cookie (includes oatmeal, walnuts, white and dark chocolate)
Snitz (includes chocolate chips, coconut, pecans, and lemon zest)
Kitchen sink cookie (includes chocolate chips, cranberries, white chocolate, walnuts, and coconut)
Chocolate chip
Chocolate chip macaroon
Butter almond
Cocoa hearts
Lemon ricotta
Mexican chocolate
Pecan sandies
Orange cranberry shortbread
Peanut butter kisses
Fudge almond macaroon
Oatmeal raisin

More Cookies
Applesauce molasses
Chocolate crackle cookies
Orange poppy seed
Pumpkin oatmeal
Ginger snaps
Mint chocolate avalanche
Walnut fudgies
Wasps nest
Brazilian coffee cookies
Coconut shortbread
Mocha shortbread
Brown sugar shortbread
Ginger almond wafers
Cornmeal ginger
Tropical orange coconut
Cornmeal almond wafers