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These are some of the specials we make for the holidays. Please give us a little advance warning so we can have everything ready for your special day.


Fruit Cake – Apricots, dried plums, dried cranberries, golden raisins, and pecans soaked in rum since Thanksgiving. These are held together with just enough cake to keep the rum from evaporating, and then glazed with apricot.

Christmas Torte - Rich, chocolatey, flourless cake layered with raspberry mascarpone. It is then covered in whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
(small - $20/ large - $26)

Stöllen – This is an old-fashioned holiday treat. It is a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth pastry filled with almonds, currants, and candied orange peel, and spiced for the holiday. It is topped with a sweet drizzle. 
(small - $12/ large - $20)

Christmas Bread – A sweet, buttery yeast bread filled with candied orange peel, currants, lemon zest and Christmas spices, knotted and baked to perfection.
($8 )


Winter Fruit Tart – This is a delicious alternative to mince pie. It has a butter pastry crust and latticed top, and is filled with apples, dried apricots, raisins, dried cranberries, dried plums, walnuts, and just the right amount of rum.

Cranberry-Apple Tart – A sweet and buttery pastry shell filled with cranberries, apples, and spices. This is topped with a brown sugar and butter streusel.

Chocolate Mousse Torte GF – This flourless, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate wonder will satisfy even the most serious chocaholic.

Lemon Tart - Butter crust with a layer of tangy lemon. ($20)

Linzer Torte - Almond butter crust with raspberry preserves.


Caramel Pecan Cheesecake  -  This is a beautiful, rich, and delicious cheesecake. Between the pecan-filled crust and the amazing caramel topping lies the delicately flavored, creamy cheesecake of your dreams. 
(small - $22/ large - $28)

Holiday Cakes

Our usual array of wonderful cakes.


Apple Streusel Pie – A beautiful, fat, crumble-top pie. ($25)

Fancy-Topped Apple Raspberry Pie – A beautifully decorated pie for the holiday made by layering cut pastry stars over fresh apples, raspberries and sugar. ($26)

Blueberry Pie – The perfect New England double-crusted pie filled with wild Maine blueberries.

Pecan Pie – A beauty that is sweet and filled with pecan halves.

Chocolate Cream Pie – A luscious chocolate custard topped with heavy whipped cream pie.


Coffee Cakes

Blueberry – Made with sour cream and Maine blueberries.

Cardamom - Rich cardamom cake with a swirl of walnuts and spices in the middle.

Lemon - Dense buttermilk pound cake with fresh lemon zest.

Pecan - Sour cream cake with pecan streusal topping.

Sweet Breads

Pumpkin Sweet Bread ($7)

Cranberry-Orange Sweet Bread ($7)

Gingerbread ($7)

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Orders must be received no later than December 20, 2017