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With a little advance warning **, we can make any of the following:


Regular Cakes -

Carrot Cake: A very moist cake using freshly grated carrots and walnuts, filled with apricot preserves and iced with cream cheese icing.

Devilsfood: A rich, fine-crumbed chocolate cake iced with chocolate butter cream (though goes well with almost anything).

White Cake: A classic white butter cake with a hint of vanilla.

Chocolate Chunk Cake: A rich buttery cake baked with chunks of semi-sweet chocolate. Iced with vanilla butter cream and piped with chocolate butter cream.


Filled Cakes -

Lemon Cake: A traditional pound cake flecked with lots of fresh lemon zest and soaked with lemon syrup and decorated with vanilla butter cream. It can also be layered with lemon curd or seedless raspberry jam, if desired.

Coconut Cream Cake: A light coconut cake that is layered with pastry cream, frosted with cream cheese icing, and covered with toasted coconut.

Strawberry Cream Cake: Take the white cake and fill it with pastry cream, then cover it with a buttercream flavored with stewed strawberries.

German Chocolate Cake: Chocolate cake layered and topped with filling of sweet coconut and pecans. We ice and pipe the cake with chocolate butter cream.

Mocha Cake: Chocolate cake layered with ganache and iced with mocha butter cream.

Blueberry Lemon Cake: Lemon pound cake layered and covered with blueberry buttercream, flavored with slowly cooked wild blueberries.


Frostings -

Vanilla, chocolate, or mocha buttercream, regular or chocolate cream cheese



Cake Sizes Feeds Regular Filled
up to 6
10 - 16
10" **
16 - 22
12" **
22 - 30
14" **
28 - 40
14" x 22" **
50 - 60


Add fillings - Lemon curd, respberry preserves, pastry cream, or ganache

Add fresh flowers - A dollar an inch or $16 for a sheet cake.

**Note - For cakes 10" and larger we will need five days advance notice.


Cupcakes -

Mini: $2.00 each or $22 a dozen
Regular: $2.75 each or $30 a dozen